CSAT Reports

Track your customer satisfaction based on your chatbot or agent responses.

Overall CSAT Metrics

You have three metrics to get an overall idea of your customer satisfaction.



CSAT Block Sent

The total number of CSAT blocks sent to your customers.

Response Rate

The percentage of customers who have responded to CSAT.

Average Ratings

The average CSAT ratings of the agents' performance.

If you have a low response rate, it means that most of your customers are not willing to respond to your CSAT question. In that case, try rephrasing your question to make it more friendly.

At the bottom right corner of your dashboard, you will also find a pie chart of the response distribution, visualizing customer ratings on a pie chart.

List of Individual Responses

You can also find individual responses at the bottom left corner of your page. From here, you can search your customers, view which agent was assigned to the customer, and their individual rating.

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