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Subscribe to our paid plans to unlock WhatsApp, e-commerce features, add more members and many other features.
Once you sign up to MyAlice, you'll get a free trial to our Premium plan for 14 days. You can subscribe to any of our paid plans within or after that trial period. The plans we offer are:
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    Premium Plan @ US$ 9/agent/mo (paid annually) or US$ 12/agent/mo (paid monthly).
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    Enterprise Plan @ US$ 27/agent/mo (paid annually) or US$ 36/agent/mo (paid monthly).
Learn more about each plan and what features are offered on our pricing page.
We process all payments through Stripe, a renowned payment gateway provider. We only accept Credit Cards and do not accept Debit Cards. We do not have access to any of the payment details you provide. We only use the last 4 digits of your card number for reference on various occasions.