Set up your Billing

Subscribe to our advanced plans to unlock e-commerce features, access more channels and invite more users.
The Free plan will remain your default plan after signing up on MyAlice unless you subscribe to an advanced plan. Currently, we have two new paid plans.
  1. 1.
    Premium @ US$ 9/agent/mo (paid annually) or US$ 12/agent/mo (paid monthly).
  2. 2.
    Custom Enterprise Plan.
Learn more about each plan on our pricing page.

Upgrade to Paid Plans

1. Head over to Settings > Plan and Billing.
2. In the Payment Details section, add your card details.
If you face issues with your connected card, please add another card, set the new card as default, and remove the previous credit card.
3. Now scroll up to the available plans and hit Upgrade.
4. Head back to the pricing page or contact us if you want to upgrade to the Enterprise Plan.
Your Billing History will appear below. You can also contact us or view your receipts from the same section.