Add and Send Content Blocks

Learn how to use this category to share content with your customers and have friendly conversations with them.

The category name is self-explanatory. You use these blocks to add and send content to your audiences. Content can come in audio, video, images, gallery, and many different forms. Let's go over each of them.

You can also these two videos to get started and refer to the content below to learn in-depth.

1. Text Block

Use text blocks to send pure text messages.

2. Image/GIF/PDF Block

PDF block is only available in WhatsApp.

Use image/GIF block to share images with your customers to make your conversation more humane. The supported formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF. You can upload images from either your desktop or an API.

Please upload images in horizontal (1.91:1) or square format (1:1) for the best experience in Messenger and Instagram.

3. Delay Block

Use delay blocks to send your message 1-2 seconds later and show a typing effect in the chat. It is used to make the customer feel that someone is typing on the other end.

4. Quick Reply Block

Quick Reply blocks can appear as answer suggestions for visitors. They can help a customer decide/reply faster. They are not directly attached to the message; instead, they float above the keyboard.

Quick Reply block is great for short surveys or quizzes because once the user has clicked on a reply, the rest of the set disappears. The user is then redirected to a custom user journey based on their chosen reply.

You can use Quick reply blocks to create complex user journeys. To learn how to use this block like a pro, quickly go to this page dedicated to quick replies.

pageQuick Reply Block

5. Button Block

Unlike Quick Reply Blocks, Button blocks are directly attached to a message. Users can thus click the same button multiple times or choose another reply.

Button Block is ideal for adding URLs, phone call links, or forms.

Button blocks, combined with Quick Reply blocks, can create remarkably personalized user journeys. To learn how to use Button block like a pro, click on the button below πŸ‘‡

pageButton Block

Gallery block is a combination of Image and Button Block. You can use this block to share product images the way users would see on your website.

Use Gallery blocks to showcase your most-sold or on-sale products in a gallery.

Gallery blocks can turn your conversations into sales opportunities. To learn how to use Gallery block like a pro, check out this gallery of resources we created πŸ‘‡

pageGallery Block

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