Add a Payment Method to Use WhatsApp

There are a few instances where you might need to add a payment method separately.

  1. You are on a free trial but you want to use WhatsApp for Broadcasting.

  2. You are an AppSumo user but you want to use WhatsApp.

  3. You have enabled your subscription through Shopify and want to use WhatsApp.

On all of these instances, you have to add a payment method to be activate WhatsApp and its features.

How to Add a Payment Method

1. Head over to Settings > Plan and Billing.

2. In the Payment Method section, click on 'Add' to add your credit card details.

Please note that you'll only be adding your credit card to our system and will not be charged anything when you do. The payment method that you added will be used to:

  1. Add credits to run broadcast campaign on WhatsApp

  2. Pay the WhatsApp session costs at the end of each month.

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