Connect Multiple Teams

Connect multiple teams linked to multiple email addresses.

You can create multiple teams from your dashboard and toggle between teams. However, if you have two accounts linked to two emails, you can use this method to connect the two teams and toggle between them without logging out every time.

This method is also applicable for Tier 1-4 LTD users who bought multiple codes.

Say, team A is your main account and it is linked to this email:

You want to connect Team B under this one account and toggle between teams. Team B is linked to your other email:

  1. Log into Team B.

  2. Go to Settings > User Management to invite as an Admin.

  3. Now if you accept the invitation, you can toggle between two teams by clicking on the profile icon on the top-left corner.

Members from one team cannot view activities on other teams unless they are invited. So, team members on Team B cannot view activities on Team A. However, members from Team A can view, manage and toggle between the two accounts since the email is authorized and invited.

So, essentially, Team A becomes your parent account. You can create and connect more teams in the given way. You can also invite unique users to each team and set user roles from Settings > User Management.

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