Subscribe through Shopify

If you're coming from Shopify, you have the option to enable the subscription to MyAlice from Shopify. This will help you to centralize all your subscriptions on one place.

How to Subscribe through Shopify

  1. Install the MyAlice app through Shopify. The process is mentioned here.

  2. Once installed, login to MyAlice with your account and refer to Settings>Plan & Billing.

  1. Now click on 'Upgrade' under the Premium plan. You'll land on our Checkout page.

  1. Set up your team, your preferred billing cycle and apply promo codes if you have any and click on 'Checkout with Shopify'

  2. You'll now be redirected to Shopify where you have to confirm the subscription.

  3. Once confirmed, the subscription will be activated and it will reflect accordingly on our dashboard.

The subscription cycle will be sycned with the Shopify billing cycle your have on your store. For example, if you subscribe on the 10th of a month, and your Shopify billing starts from the 1st of a month, you'll be billed for your MyAlice subscription on the 1st of next month and the cycle will be adjusted accordingly.

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