Connect Intents to Sequences

Use Cases of Intent

Unlike keywords, intents are not case-sensitive, meaning that your bot will try to identify human sentiment based on its NLP training. Here is an example.

Say, you have an online service business and most of your customers knock on your channels and say something like this.

  • Hello. Anyone there?

  • Can anyone help me?

  • I need help.

  • Is anyone available?

  • I have a question.

So, you created an intent called ask_for_support. You can then connect this intent to a sequence that will trigger the following message.

Hello! Welcome to {company_name}. Please write down your query in detail. Meanwhile, a support agent from our team will join the conversation and assist you.

How to Set an Intent Rule

Before you start this tutorial, make sure that you have your NLP app connected to MyAlice. If not, please refer to the NLP connection page to get started.

Go to the Automation tab. On top of every sequence, you will find Rules.

  1. After clicking on click here, a window will appear from the right.

  2. Click on New Rule.

  3. Select INTENT from the drop-down menu under Action.

  4. Select the intent you'd like to use to trigger the sequence and click on Save.

In this example, we set an intent for GREETINGS_EN. So, if anyone says hi (or something similar) to our bot, it will trigger the following sequence.

Hello! How can we help you?

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