Connect MyAlice NLU

Learn how to connect MyAlice NLU with your channels and make your chatbots more responsive.

You need to be an Admin on MyAlice to access Integrations.

Use Cases of MyAlice NLU

MyAlice NLU is a pre-built NLP app from our end. Activating MyAlice NLU will allow you to:

  • Instantly connect NLP to your chatbots without creating a app from scratch.

  • Help your bots understand common human intents and keywords.

  • Create advanced user journeys and automate repetitive queries.

For the time being, both MyAlice NLU and INTNT are English-language NLP apps. Interested in an NLP app in your native language? Feel free to contact us.

Activate MyAlice NLU

Step 1: Create a Channel

  1. Go to Integration from the left navigation bar.

  2. Under Available Integrations > NLP, select MyAlice NLU.

  3. A connection window will appear from the right. Click on Next.

  4. Set a title for your NLP connection.

  5. Set a confidence level for your app and click Finish.

Step 2: Connect MyAlice NLU to a Channel

From Integration on the left navigation bar, select Integrated. Choose the channel with which you want to connect the NLP app. Click on the triple-dot icon (...) on the selected channel and select Edit.​

A pop-up window will appear from the right. From the drop-down menu under Select NLP App, select your desired NLP app.​

FAQs and Troubleshooting

What is a Confidence Level?​

The Confidence Level indicates how certain the NLP app is that the correct intent has been assigned.

If you are confident that your NLP app is trained adequately, you can set a higher score (>0.5) for it. In that case, the bot will try to understand intents outside its training. However, if you do not want your bot to interpret more than what it has learned and act strictly on how it's trained, you can set a lower confidence score (<0.5).

My NLP app is taking some time to function properly on MyAlice.

We built MyAlice NLU on Due to API limitations, the MyAlice NLU might take more than 30 minutes to function properly. However, if your app is still inactive after an hour, feel free to contact us.

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