Get Started With Alice

Take a look at the necessary documents you need to get the best out of our platform. You will find step by step instructions of how to use our platform.

Welcome to Alice!

Alice is a conversation AI platform for your business that helps increase sales, reduce support cost and enhance customer experience. We focus on under- standing and utilizing human conversations so we can improve the way humans collaborate with technology to be more productive and empowered.

How can Alice help you?

Our AI powered agent will allow you to continuously interact with your customers across multiple channels and manage conversations in any language! Customers get real-time information and services through all channels.

There are five steps to get the complete setup of Alice platform

  1. Sign Up

  2. Account Setup

  3. Connect Channel

  4. Create a Bot

  5. CRM & Analytics

Sign Up

Email and Password

You can sign up to the Alice platform using a valid email address and your defined password. Please wait for a while for the confirmation email where you will receive a link to verify your account.

Verification Email and Confirmation

Once you verify your account by clicking on the given link, you will be redirected to the Alice dashboard. After proper verification, the green dot will glow in the dashboard showing that your account has been verified.

Account Set Up completed

Your account has now been set up and you are ready to start making your first chatbot!

Connect Channel

If you have successfully set up your account then next thing is go to the settings select channel settings option from there connect your channel or click on the lets's go button which appears in the dashboard.

  • “You’re nearly done! All you have to do is connect your channel”

  • Information message saying that if the users must have Facebook pages to connect to Feed / Messenger. Only Facebook as an example. Further channels will have ‘Click here’ tab which will redirect users to User Manual pages.

Create a Bot

The next step is to create your chat bot for that just go to the builder option form the dashboard and start making your own chat bot.

Sequences and ‘Add / Send’ Blocks

  • It will have an example of a ‘Welcome’ sequence and show a basic text block

  • Followed by a Quick Reply block

  • If possible, show this in GIF.

Collect User Info Blocks

  • A small example of how users can collect using Email / Phone blocks.

Action Blocks

  • An example of how a ‘Ticket Block’ is created

  • Message saying that an issue created by ‘Ticket Block’ will

  • Message saying ‘Click here to show CRM’ outlook. This will scroll down the user below

Test Your Page

It's a good idea to test your created bot before going to live.

  • Click on the test link above any sequence page

  • You will be landed on the Test Alice bot page

  • Test your bot if it works then

  • You are done making your bot

CRM and Analytics

Final step is to analyze and reply to the audience who are responding to your chat bot. CRM tool is perfect to reply the customers query and reporting will show the statistics of your bot's and agent's performance.

Just go to the dashboard and select CRM from the menu bar.

Overview of CRM

  • When the bot cannot answer, agents can take over the queries.

  • You can specify to certain agents, and agents will answer.

Overview of Reporting

Just go to the dashboard and select reporting from the menu bar.

  • It will show different information about the queries being asked to the bot.

User / Team Settings

User / Team Management

You will find user & team management settings from setting option of dashboard.

  • When a user creates an account, by default, they are assigned to a team

  • If another user invites you to the team, then you can access their team channels and projects

  • Admins can change user roles