Keyword wise Automation

Use specific keywords to trigger specific sequences in MyAlice.

Use Cases of Keywords

Keywords are not case-sensitive. However, they are word-sensitive, meaning that your customer needs to put in the exact word to trigger the sequence. Here is an example of how you can do so.

Say, you are hosting a Black Friday Deal. You can tell your audiences to write "deals" in the comments or inbox to become eligible for the giveaway. You can then set a keyword rule to trigger a specific sequence e.g., Deals Sequence.

How to Create a Keyword Rule

Go to the Automation tab. On top of every sequence, you will find Rules.

  1. After clicking on click here, a window will appear from the right.

  2. Click on New Rule.

  3. Select KEYWORD from the drop-down menu under Action.

  4. Add the keyword you want to use in the Value field and click on Create.

This is the keyword rule you have set.

And this is the sequence you want to trigger.

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