🧱Add Blocks to Your Chatbot

Learn about each block in your builder and how to use them.

What is a Block?

Think of blocks as the bricks to build an automation sequence. You can add and arrange these blocks one after another to—

  • Create complex automation sequences.

  • Predetermine how a chatbot is going to react.

  • Trigger specific messages as per customer queries and intent.

Different Block Categories

We can divide the blocks into three categories based on their functionalities and major use cases.

  1. Delay

  2. Text

  3. Image/ GIF

  4. Video

  5. Audio

  6. Buttons

  7. Quick Reply

  8. Gallery

Become a Master Chatbot Builder 🧱

Each block is unique and has multidimensional use cases. When arranged properly, they can create beautiful and complex automation sequences. Learn about each category in detail and how to use them like a pro 👇

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