📱Connect Your Mobile App (Android / iOS)

Learn how to add a live chat widget on your custom mobile application to engage your users and deliver in-app customer support.

You need to —

  1. An Admin on MyAlice.

  2. Have a mobile application.

Use Cases of Mobile App Plugin

Integrating your Mobile App with MyAlice will allow you to:

  • Add a chat widget in your mobile app.

  • Engage your app users with live conversations.

  • Push custom notifications on different app interfaces.

  • Collect app feedback from users automatically.

  • Use chatbots to create custom user journeys and automate repetitive queries

  • Manage messages, comments, and e-commerce orders from other platforms in the same inbox.

Add a Chat Plugin on your Mobile App

Step 1: Create a Mobile App Plugin Channel

  1. Go to Integration from the left navigation bar.

  2. Under Available Integrations, select Mobile App Plugin.

  3. A connection window will appear from the right. Click on Next.

  4. Upload a 256*256 px circle chat avatar, preferably your brand logo. This will appear on your mobile app chat preview.

  5. Add a title for your chat e.g., MyAlice Mobile Support. Note that the name will appear in public.

  6. Paste your website domain URL in the next field.

  7. Select a color for your chat, preferably your brand color.

  8. You can also add an NLP app to your live chat channel.

You should get something like this. Now, click Next. Here you'll find a few information, such as a Token, a Primary ID and platform ID. Save these.

Publishing the channel means that the channel is live, along with the automation rules you have set for the channel. Some users prefer to publish their channel after they complete the automation flow. If you are one of them, please turn off the toggle for now. You can always turn it back on.

Step 2: Get the App URL

Get App URL

POST https://prod-api.myalice.ai/api/bots/get_app_url

This API will provide the URL that you need to open in your in-app browser.





You will get this from Alice Dashboard

Request Body



JSON object

This is to pass any parameter that can be used from Alice.



Phone to verify logged-in user.



Email to verify logged-in user.



User Name to be stored in customer.



You will get this from your dashboard.



You will get this from your dashboard.

  url: "https://inconnect-inapp-webview.netlify.app?customer_id=<int>&platform_id=<int>&primary_id=<string>&token=<string>"

Step 3: Load the URL in your App Browser

The URL that you just received, load this your App Browser. This will add a widget on your app to initiate a conversation.

User Management

  • There will be two types of users. Guest user and signed-up user. Signed-in users will be recognized by either email or phone number and the conversation history will be synced accordingly.

  • Keep several optional fields for customer attributes, and a user_meta field to provide extra information about customers to save in customer_meta.

Edit Mobile Chat Plugin Settings

From the Integration menu, select the Integrated tab. Here, you can view and manage your already connected channels.

Click on the triple dot (...) icon on each channel to edit channel settings, get the API key, disconnect or delete your channel.

From the edit menu, you can edit the following.

  • Chat avatar

  • Title or Preview Name

  • Domain

  • Chat color

You can also connect an NLP app to your mobile chat plugin.

Please refer to the following page to connect your NLP and train your chatbots to process, analyze and understand large amounts of natural language data.

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