Track and Configure your Billing

All your payment details will be visible only to the owner/creator of a team at the Plan and Billing section. You'll be able to see , and also the payment method that's added to your account.

  1. The details of the plan you're subscribed to

  2. Your available payment methods and details

  3. Your Billing History that contains records of all the payments

How to Update your Payment Details

The payment details you provide are used to create invoices. If you want to make any changes to who the invoice is addressed to as well as the email and address used, here's how you can:

  1. In the Plan & Billing section, scroll down to the 'Payment Method' section and click on 'Update'

  1. Just provide the updated details and click on 'Update Changes'

The changes will reflect on your next invoice.

How to Change your Payment Method

You can change the card that's been added to our system to a new one. You can even have multiple cards on record and choose a default one.

  1. To add a new card, go to the Plan & Billing section and refer to the Payment Methods section.

  2. Click on 'Update' and provide your card details.

  3. Once added, you'll be able to select the default card i.e. the card you want to use on MyAlice. You'll also be able to remove the previous card if you want.

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