Agency Mode on MyAlice

Learn how you can enable agency mode on MyAlice
An agency owner gets all the new features and custom branding options as a regular AppSumo LTD user. But they get an additional feature as well.

Custom Domain for Client Signup

Agencies can have a custom domain i.e., your agency Their clients can sign up from the custom domain address, and the signup window will include their logo.

How do you become an Agency on MyAlice?

Please send us an email at [email protected] in the following format.
Subject: MyAlice Agency Mode
Agency Name: insert agency name here
Founder: insert founder name here
Website: insert agency website or social links here
Email associated with MyAlice:
Mention the email address used to register to MyAlice
Number of Teams and the MAU Distribution:
Mention the number of teams you would like to have and how you'd like to distribute the MAU allocated for your package among them. For Example: you can have total 5 teams ( 4 teams we'll create, 1 is your primary account). Each team will have 10000 MAU.
Custom Login Details:
If you're interested in designing a custom login page for your clients, send over the logo of your agency (preferably in SVG format).
Additional Remarks (if any):


How can I change the details of the agency mode once it's been set up?
Why do I have to send an email?