CSAT Block

Trigger CSAT blocks to gather customer satisfaction reports.

CSAT stands for Customer Satisfaction. The CSAT block is used to collect quantitative user feedback on a scale of 1-5.

You'll usually use the CSAT block to collect customer satisfaction reports or to rate agents' performance. But you can also create custom journeys based on positive or negative responses.

Here is a step-by-step instruction on using CSAT blocks and triggering them every time a ticket is resolved.

Create A Sequence with CSAT Block

It is a good practice to trigger a CSAT block after every time a ticket is resolved. To do so —

1. Create a sequence and name it CSAT Sequence.

2. Under your Default sequence, set the CSAT sequence as the next sequence.

3. Next, add a CSAT Block in your CSAT Sequence and rename the buttons as you like.

4. Create three more sequences — Positive CSAT , Neutral CSAT and Negative CSAT and insert your message in each sequence accordingly. Here are some basic examples.

5. Now go back to your CSAT sequence and edit the buttons to redirect users to positive or negative sequences accordingly.

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