Button Block

Use Button blocks to showcase important links and resources.

You can use button blocks to redirect a user to a β€”

  1. New sequence

  2. URL or website

  3. Phone call

  4. Datalab Form

If you are new to this topic, please refer to our basic introduction to the Button Block and follow along.

Here is a step-by-step instruction to creating effective sequences using button blocks.

Create A Sequence with Button Block

Suppose we want to showcase the most frequent links and resources in a click-worthy format. We have already shown many instances where we redirect our users to a new sequence. This time, we are focusing on redirecting users to URL, phone, or forms.

  1. Website (URL)

  2. Contact Support (Phone)

  3. Place an Order (Form)

  1. Set the button name as Website.

  2. Place the URL where you want to redirect your users.

  3. You can also select the Web View Aspect Ratio for a smartphone screen.

Using the Set Attribute Block to Store Data

Suppose, the user has placed an order. As per our sequence, they will be redirected to the Order Placed sequence.

If the user is redirected to the sequence, we add a new attribute order=placed to the user.

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