Key Terminologies

A compiled list of the common terms you'll come across on MyAlice.

Monthly Active Users (MAUs)

Monthly Active User or MAU is the number of unique users who contact your business through MyAlice within the past month.

MyAlice pricing plans are primarily based on MAUs. The more MAU you have, the bigger plan you need.


A user can have different tiers of roles.


A channel is a touchpoint where your customers reach out to you. Simply speaking, every supported social media, your website, and your application is considered a channel on MyAlice.


Marketplace is the platform that you use to build your e-commerce or online store. Here are some of the marketplaces MyAlice supports.

Connecting these marketplaces will allow you to manage e-commerce orders, store customer data, and view store analytics from the same dashboard.


Inbox refers to a universal inbox shared by all team members. All your customer conversations will be stored under the Inbox section regardless of the channel. Only your authorized support team members can reply to the messages.