👪Understand the Customer Tool

Learn how to build a CRM and get familiar with your audience base.

Customer Tab

The more customer information you have, the more efficient your bot becomes. So, you can store customer details in the Customer tab on the left panel.

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1. Columns

Column Name



The contact details provided by the customer.

Last Message Time

The last time the user sent a message to the platform.

Created At

The time when the user sent their first message ever.

Other customer variables stored by the chatbot.

Other advanced features include —

2. Advanced Filter

You will find the advanced filter at the right top of your Customer tab.

It allows you to filter your audiences based on many factors, including customer details, stored variables, and triggered intents.

3. Export Audience

You can also download your entire customer details in a CSV file. However, remember that it's a pro feature — you need to subscribe to a paid plan to access it.

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