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Learn how to add e-commerce marketplaces on MyAlice.

E-commerce Marketplaces on MyAlice

You can connect the following e-commerce platforms on MyAlice.
Go to Settings > Marketplace to view all available platforms.

Why You Should Add Your E-Commerce Store on MyAlice

In this video, we explain the features and benefits of WooCommerce integration on MyAlice. The use cases are similar for Shopify too.

Share Products Directly from Inventory

Search products in your inventory right from your MyAlice inbox and share them with your customers instantly on any social channel.

Manage Orders from Inbox

Find order history to create, update, cancel or refund orders directly from the MyAlice inbox.

Keep Customer Information Organized

Find every customer information and interaction in one place so that your support teams can solve issues faster.

Automate Customer Conversations

Save time on support with our chatbot to automate repetitive queries across every customer channel.

Leverage Data-Driven Marketing

Use your existing customer data to recommend the latest products, build accurate customer profiles, and run personalized ads.

Track Team Performance

Get detailed reports on sales conversion, customer satisfaction, agent performance, and more to optimize your support team performance and get better ROI.

How it All Comes Together