Migrating from the WhatsApp App to the API account

If you want to migrate from the Whatsapp app to the API account, you donโ€™t really need to do much. In fact, the phone number you already saved in WhatsApp's Android, iPhone, or Business application can be used. However, you must remove the WhatsApp account connected to that phone number by following the instructions below in order to register this number on the WhatsApp Business API. Hereโ€™s what you need to do-

Remember that any incoming messages will be queued by WhatsApp servers during this time and sent after the registration is successful.

  1. Launch the WhatsApp (or WhatsApp Business) app on your iPhone or Android.

  2. Go to the Settings page.

  3. Select your account.

  1. Select โ€˜Delete my accountโ€™.

  1. Comply with the instructions to remove the WhatsApp account associated with that phone number. The disconnected number may take up to three hours to reactivate.

And thatโ€™s all. Easy right? Now all you need to do is simply go to the Integrations section of MyAlice and connect your WhatsApp phone number there. Your number can now be instantly registered with WhatsApp by us, or you can do it yourself by following the attached signup instructions.

Please bear in mind that you will lose your previous conversation history if you don't create a backup.

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