Tag a Ticket

Learn how to tag a ticket to categorize your conversations and manage your tickets better.

How to Tag a Ticket?

1. Select a ticket in your inbox.

2. Click on the Tag button on the top left corner of your conversation history.

3. You can create a new tag for this conversation or search existing tags. After you have tagged a conversation, the selected tag will appear beside the tag icon.

4. Say you created a refund tag. Now, you can add filters and view all the conversations tagged with refund issues.

Now, you don't have to search every conversation to search your refund issues.

Common Use Cases

Here are some of the most common tags our customers use to categorize their tickets.

  1. Lead

  2. Product query

  3. Offer Query

  4. Booked

  5. Referral

Refer to Tag Analytics to track your tags and learn how to use them.

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