Reopen Tickets

Learn how to reopen a closed ticket and know about channel limitations.

How to Reopen a Ticket

To reopen a ticket —

1. At first, click on the filter icon on the top-left corner of your inbox.

2. A window will appear from the right side. Select Resolved under Ticket Status and click Save. This will show only the resolved/closed conversations in your account.

3. Select the ticket you want to reopen and click on Reopen on the top-right corner of your inbox.

You can either Reopen & Answer immediately or Reopen tickets to add to your queue or assign to others, given that you are an Admin on MyAlice.

Limitations of Reopening Tickets

You cannot reopen a conversation from some social channels after a specific period. This is an API limitation from the channel itself.

Find the time window for each channel.

Channel NameYou cannot reopen a ticket after


7 days


7 days

WhatsApp Business

24 hours


24 hours

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