Navigate the Inbox

Find out about the tiniest features of Inbox and how to use them.

Video Tutorial

Empty Inbox

This is what an empty inbox looks like.
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There are several reasons you might have an empty inbox.
  • You don't have many visitors.
  • Your bots are doing a great job in resolving every query.
  • You forgot to add a Ticket Block in your user journey.
Be sure to revise your user journey once in a while.

Organize Tickets in Inbox

On the top-left corner of the inbox, you will see a drop-down menu, two icons, and a search bar.
Previously, you could toggle between Pending and Resolved Tickets. But now, you will see the pending tickets in your inbox by default.
To view the resolved tickets, click on the filter icon on top, select Resolved under Ticket Status and click on Save.
The Pending view shows the unaddressed tickets — the messages your agents haven't replied to yet.
The Resolved view shows the history of addressed tickets — the customer messages your agents have replied to and resolved.

1. Ticket Queue

Next, you can select one of these three views from the drop-down menu.
My Queue
All Queue
By default, My Queue contains only the pending tickets assigned to you. To view the tickets resolved by you, set a filter on Ticket Status.
By default, All Queue contains the pending tickets for the whole team. To view the resolved tickets, set a filter on Ticket Status.
By default, the Unassigned view contains the tickets which have not been assigned to anybody. This can happen if you haven't set any smart ticket rules.
Your filter view does not affect how your agents or teammates see the inbox.

2. Filter Your Tickets

You can also filter your tickets based on the following criteria.
  1. 1.
    Ticket Status i.e., Pending or Resolved.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
    Assigned Agents or Group
  5. 5.

3. Sort Your Tickets

By default, the inbox view shows the latest ticket on top. You can click on the sort icon to toggle between the latest and the oldest view.

4. Search Your Tickets

This step is self-explanatory. Just put in your customer's name, and the results will appear. Feel free to add filters and sort your search results to find your desired outcome.