User Demographics Metrics

Use user demographics metrics to develop more objective customer profiles and launch tailored marketing campaigns.

User demographics can be particularly useful if you have a global user base.

1. Language

The language metric allows you to track what language is most preferred by your user base. Then, you can train your bot in multiple languages accordingly for a more global user experience.

2. Country

The Country metric shows the countries from where you have the highest number of users. Based on the findings, you can run local campaigns and have better marketing ROI.

3. Timezone

The Timezone metric identifies and compares the timezones from where you have the highest number of users. It helps you specify your user location further because users may be from the same country, yet different timezones or vice-versa.

4. Gender

The Gender metric shows the proportion of male, female or other genders in your user base. For instance, if you have an equal proportion of genders, you may choose to run a unisex campaign. However, say, you have a large proportion of male users. In that case, you would tailor your communication accordingly.

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