General Metrics

Use general metrics to track your platform traffic volume over time.

1. New Customers vs. Interactive Customers

A new customer is someone who has interacted with your platform for the first time. In contrast, An interactive customer has interacted with your business more than once, regardless of the channel.

New customer count is usually more than interactive customer count.

2. Referral Metric

The Referral metric shows the number of users who have entered your platform via external links. A higher number of referrals mean that your social or Google campaigns are attracting visitors.

3. Incoming Message Count

The Incoming Message count is a heatmap to identify the time your platform gets the most user interactions. Simply put, you can pinpoint your busy hours of the day or the busy days of the week.

This metric has two specific use cases.

  1. You can allocate your agents based on the busy hours.

  2. You may post content or push product offers during peak hours to ensure a better engagement rate.

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