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Our only goal from the community was to gather as much feedback as possible to shape MyAlice into a world-class product for our users. So, our team took notes and compiled the most-requested features by our users, and created this detailed documentation.
Please note that these are not the only features on the roadmap. Here is our complete roadmap with a tentative timeline.
MyAlice - MyAlice Product Roadmap
Learn more in detail about the top-requested feature from the cards below.
We position ourselves as an all-in-one conversational tool for e-commerce owners. So, we had to prioritize features as per our vision and narrative, while catering to the AppSumo community requests. Nonetheless, customer-centricity is one of our core values and we are still open to feedback.

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2nd Announcement | 2 February 2021


1st Announcement | 27 January 2021