Connect Your Messenger

Give automated reply to your customers by connecting messenger platform

You have to be the Admin of the Team only then you will be able to access the channel settings option. Then before connecting any Facebook page keep in mind that you have to be the admin of that page as well.

It is impossible to reply each customers individually so you can connect chatbot for automated reply.

  • Name

  • Link

  • Connected Page

  • Edit

  • Connection

1. Turn on the connection button

2. Pop up box for Facebook connection will appear

3. Click on create now button

4. A list of connected page will appear

5. Select your desired page

6. After connecting the page Name, Link, Connected page filed will be auto filled

Congratulation! Now you are ready to automate your messenger messages which will reduce your workload.

How to edit Messenger permission?

You can edit your feed permissions by clicking on the edit icon given in facebook feed channel. A modal will open where you can edit the following fields:

  1. Title

  2. Link

Persistent Menu

Add persistent menu for quick access to the chat bot. You can add at max three persistent menu to your chatbot.

  • Title

  • Select Sequence

  • Title

  • Type url

Handover Protocol

  • Select Handover Type

  • App ID

NLP Connection

Connecting Natural Language Processing (NLP) to your chat bot will helps customer to have more humanly conversation with the chat bot. This will also reduce hassle & create better user experience.

You can connect NLP from here. Provide the following information:

  1. App ID

  2. Token

  3. Set confidence from 0 to 1