Connect Webchat In your Website

How many times have you gotten lost while browsing any website as there are so many contents there? No more. Now you can connect a webchat plugin in your website so that whenever customer needs any guidance or help they can easily have a conversation through the chatbot.

Connect Websites

From the 'Channel Overview' page, hover to Webchat and press on Websites. There you'll have to provide the following information:

  • Name

  • Domain

  • Primary Color

  • Edit

  • Connection

  1. Add a channel

  2. Turn on the connection button

  3. Add Avatar, Title, Domain & Primary Color

Website General Settings

Congratulation! you have successfully connected a webchat plugin to your website.

Insert the Alice snippet in your website

To integrate the Alice webchat in your website, you will have to copy the snippet found in the Edit settings section into the footer of your website. The snipper will be given in the Edit section like this:

Webchat Snippet

NLP Connection

You can add Natural Language Processing (NLP) abilities to your chat bot to help customers have more human like conversations with the chat bot. This will also reduce hassle & create better user experience for them.

You can connect NLP from here. Provide the following information:

  1. App ID

  2. Token

  3. Set confidence from 0 to 1