MyAlice Inbox

Learn how to efficiently use the Inbox section to organize your team and incoming tickets.

When Do You Need the Inbox?

  • Some users want to talk to a human.

  • Personalized support issues require special attention from an agent.

In these cases, the ticket is handed over to an agent from the chatbot. The rest of the conversation takes place in the Inbox.

How Does the Inbox Tool Work?

  1. First, you need to add a Ticket Block in your default sequence.

  2. When the bot is unable to understand a user message, it will trigger the default sequence.

  3. The conversation will then appear in your Inbox from where you can start a conversation.

Learn more about ticket blocks here 👇

Don't forget to add Ticket Block in your default sequence. Adding them notifies you about complex support issues that the bot could not resolve.

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